Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Barefoot Senior

Chelsia Reid is a beautiful, intelligent high school senior from Jayess, MS. If you are familiar with Jayess at all, you will understand that she is also country through and through. She brought shoes for every outfit, but if I recall correctly, she only put on one pair for a few photos. She just prefers to be barefoot, and April 14th was a perfect day for that. We trekked all over Jayess, stopping when we discovered a place worthy of being in this beautiful girl's senior portfolio. Chelsia has a love for Elvis and traveling. Though she seems shy and reserved when you first meet her, she opens up pretty quickly, and will soon have you laughing along with her. Congratulations Chelsia on this major milestone in your life. Best wishes on your future!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Uncooperative Equipment

To say that my camera equipment was uncooperative on the warmest Sunday in months would be a bit of an understatement. As I met Mickey and Lacey Bennett, and their beautiful daughter Halle Easter afternoon, the batteries that I had fully charged the day before had completely depleted. I drove home to get another set of batteries, and returned ready to begin the shoot. Though my camera would now turn on, my shutter would not close, thus preventing me from capturing a single shot. I drove home again to retrieve my back up camera (which I normally bring to every shoot), and returned, this time with all pieces in working order. This beautiful family was so understanding, and continued to keep smiling (all but Halle, who decided quickly she was not in the mood). We shot for approximately 45 minutes trying everything in our power to get this little girl to smile. She refused. Talk of SpongeBob, bubble gum, horses, and lip gloss--all to no avail. Though she wouldn't smile, her piercing eyes were so evident in every photo, and the love her parents showed for each other and for her showed through in nearly every image. I am happy to have had the opportunity to capture this wonderful family, and hope that this isn't my last. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nikki Russell. CHS Senior 2010.

Nikki Russell. A girl with an incredible love for life. Anyone that ever has the pleasure of meeting Nikki never forgets her. She's hyper, giddy, loud, funny, and beautiful to boot. I've known Nikki for several years now, and have had the pleasure of watching her mature immensely. To say she's had a less than perfect life may seem harsh, but it's made her who she is today. Because of that, she will be, without question, one of the strongest seniors to graduate from Columbia High School this year. Being elected as a Senior Homecoming Maid was a highlight she won't soon forget. I'm super proud of her, and am excited to finally share her photos with you. Best of luck Nikki. The world is out ther. Capture it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Unexpected Couple

I met Travis my freshman year of college. He was vice president of the fraternity I pledged for. To be frank, he scared me a little. I was the good, little pentecostal kid, and he had long hair, gauges in his ears, and more tattoos than I could count. When I really got to know Travis, I realized there was a lot more under all of that. Nichole came to Carey my sophomore year as the good girl desiring to live life to the fullest, (and become my children's future dentist) and I never in a million years thought she and Travis would be friends, much less more. I had a great friendship with both of them throughout my time at Carey, and was more than a little shocked when Facebook announced they were "in a relationship". I watched their relationship blossom over time, until it came to the point that I couldn't imagine them not ever being together. I was ecstatic when Nichole messaged me over Christmas telling me they were engaged! It was shortly after that she called asking me to shoot their engagement photos. Travis is not too keen on photos, but agreed to do them if I would be the photographer. I couldn't say no, even if I had wanted to. We met Saturday in downtown Hattiesburg for an afternoon of catching up with each other, and them acting up for the camera. We had a wonderful time, and I am super pleased with the results. I love them immensely, and can hardly wait to see them say "I do" this coming June. Best wishes guys! I love you both!